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Ocean City is known as the White Marlin Capital of the world.  The annual White Marlin
tournament brings fishermen from all over the world.  But it also serves at the gateway to Assateague Island and its famous
ponies and has ten miles of white sandy beaches where families love to vacation. Parrot Islands Townhouse, Jocelyn Manor, Golden Sands Club Condominium, Capri,
Sea Watch Condominium, and the Carousel Condominium Resort are our vacation rental unit. Springfest during the first week in May, followed by Beach Week where graduating high school
seniors spend a week in Ocean City after Graduation, the White Marlin Tournament, and Sunfest. Harpoon Hannas, B J's on the Water, Seacrets, Galaxy 66, Ruth Chris Steakhouse,
Thrashers, Seasons, Mackeys, and Embers. Harpoon Hannas, B J's on the Water, Seacrets, Galaxy 66, Ruth Chris Steakhouse,
Thrashers, Seasons, Mackeys, and Embers.

The tables below are designed to provide information to assist in property searches of our database.   At this point in the season, limited openings are available in July and early August.   The two table below are designed to direct you quickly to what we still have available.   The first table describes each of the locations where we have condos or townhouses - describing the types of units available and the amenities.   The second table shows the nights that are still available for rental at each unit for the remainder of the rental season.

Use the first table to determine a preferred location and/or package of amenities.   Next, move to the lower table to see what nites we have open in each of our units.   Nights that have been reserved are blacked out while those still available are white.   If you find an opening for a unit that matches your needs, click the Unit name at the top of the table.   This will take you to our Search Engine.   Once there, enter the date you want to arrive in Ocean City and the number of nites you want to stay.   The system will display the unit you selected and the price for the length of stay you picked.   You can tour the unit by clicking the View button.   If you wish to reserve a unit, just click the RESERVE button and complete the online reservation form.

Unit Name Parrot Isles Jocelyn Manor Golden Sands Sea Watch Carousel
Unit Type Townhouses Condos in 2 Story Building Condos in 22 Story Building Condos in 20 Story Building Condos in 22 Story Building
Location 4th Street 8th Street 109th Street 115th Street 118th Street
Amenities Pool, Playground, 2 Blocks to Boardwalk Pool, 2 Blocks to Boardwalk 3 Pools, Fitness Center, Sauna, Game Room, Bar and Grill, Beach shops, Tennis, deli, and private beach area 3 pools, game room, fitness center, free movie cinema, tennis, basketball, playground, shops, sauna 3 pools, jacuzzi, fitness center, restaurant, sport bar, oceanfront bar and grill, ice skating, shops, sweet shop
Distance to Ocean 2 Blocks 2 blocks On the Beach On the Beach On the Beach
Units Available 3 BR Sleeps 14 2 BR Sleeps 8 3 BR Sleeps 8
2BR Sleeps 6
1BR Sleeps 4
3 BR Sleeps 10
3 BR Sleeps 8
3 BR Sleeps 12
2 BR Sleeps 8
Parking** 3 Spaces 2 Assigned Spaces 1 Assigned Space 1 Space 2 Spaces

** Additional parking can be purchased at most locations on a space available basis

Nights Open from July thru September

Date Carousel
Unit 1712
3 Bedroom
Unit 606
2 Bedroom
Sea Watch
Unit 410
3 Bedroom
Sea Watch
Unit 119
3 Bedroom
Sea Watch
Unit 110
3 Bedroom
Golden Sands
Unit 101
3 Bedroom
Golden Sands
Unit 1617
2 Bedroom
Golden Sands
Unit 1611
1 Bedroom
Jocelyn Manor
Unit 78
2 Bedroom
Parrot Isles
Unit 27
3 Bedroom
Parrot Isles
Unit 28
3 Bedroom
Parrot Isles
Unit 30
3 Bedroom
Aug 27 Aug 27
Aug 28 Aug 28
Aug 29 Aug 29
Aug 30 Aug 30
Aug 31 Aug 31
Sept 1 Sept 1
Sept 2 Sept 2
Sept 3 Sept 3
Sept 4 Sept 4
Sept 5 Sept 5
Sept 6 Sept 6
Sept 7 Sept 7
Sept 8 Sept 8
Sept 9 Sept 9
Sept 10 Sept 10
Sept 11 Sept 11
Sept 12 Sept 12
Sept 13 Sept 13
Sept 14 Sept 14
Sept 15 Sept 15
Sept 16 Sept 16
Sept 17 Sept 17
Sept 18 Sept 18
Sept 19 Sept 19
Sept 20 Sept 20
Sept 21 Sept 21
Sept 22 Sept 22
Sept 23 Sept 23
Sept 24 Sept 24
Sept 25 Sept 25
Sept 26 Sept 26
Sept 27 Sept 27
Sept 28 Sept 28
Sept 29 Sept 29
Sept 30 Sept 30