You have just spent 4-6 hours in a car in traffic just to get to unit. Now you need to find a grocery to stock up for your stay. The problem is that over 100,000 people are in the same boat. Ocean City grocery stores on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon in prime season is like the typical grocery store the day before Thanksgiving. But it does not have to be that way. How do you feel about arriving at your unit finding the food that you ordered in the fridge and the other supplies you ordered all put away. The Ocean City Vacation Center has made an agreement with Salt Sea Services to deliver orders of groceries right to your unit. Under this agreement, you pay for the food and we pick up the delivery charge.

If you reserve one of our units, we send you a link to the Salt Sea Services website along with check in instruction about 10 days before your scheduled arrival date. You simply go to this website and place your order. Once Salt Sea Services recognizes that the delivery address is for one of our units, they remove any delivery charge from your bill and send the service charge to us. This can be a valuable amenity if you prefer to hit the beach upon arrival rather than standing in line at the grocery.